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Executing agency and Donor: FAO and Greensquare



• The project seeks to protect and to preserve the Reserve of Bentael and its surrounding neighborhood all IBA zone (Bentael Nature Reserve and the Mont in front) through:
• Preventing fire eruption.
• Providing the necessary fire extinction equipment and infrastructure to mitigate fire consequences, and hence, protecting natural resources.




• The fire protection system was partially implemented by recent project in collaboration with AFD (Agence francaise pour le développement) within the surrounding areas of the reserve. The following activities were complementary added and executed:
• Cleaning campaign: northern and western borders.
• Building a water tank of 140 m3  
• Water canalization linked to the existing pipes and to water reservoir.


Project results:


• 140m3 water tank equipped with special outlet, connected to more than 1800 m of canalization fixed all over the risky zone of the reserve to be used.
• 35 young well trained volunteers are ready to control and to fight fire all over the reserve.
• 3000 m2 of fire break resulting from cutting herbs.



Bentael Nature Reserve has organized in conjunction with Kafr Club the annual race that takes place for the second time on the Independence Day. This 6.5km-race starts from the park house of the reserve in Bentael and finishes in Kafr club. Participants of all ages ran from Bentael to Kafr on November 22, 2011

Recreational act. Leisure/Green Shell adventure Eco-Park

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