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Green Shell Eco-Park | Run for Nature | Minister visit | Plantation activity

Good morning

Find below activities and facilities:

1.       Outdoors activities and playground games for kids

2.       Books library 

3.       E-Library and Internet Wifi

4.       Information and Awareness Museum place that contains herbarium, insectariums and Fire tools

5.       Introduction on the sewage system and its benefits

6.       Introduction on the solar system and its benefits

7.    Introduction on the biodiversity area inside the reserve including herbs, birds, insects, butterflies, etc.. as well as brief history of the reserve

8.       WCs for special needs

9.       Safety and secured place

10.   Kids are supervised by trained and certified team

A- Entrance to the Green Shell 3,000LBP/Visitor or to the reserve

B-2. Guides Assistance in the Reserve (not obligatory) : Several trails, St John Hermitage, Beautiful Pine forest, etc..40000L.L./guide all the trip

C- Adventure Park – Outdoors activities (Flying foxes, robe bridges, and more than eight games for adults) extra 12000L.L /person.

Opening  time for the reserve : 7:00 Am

Opening time for the Green Shell 9:30am

Feel free to contact us +961 3 838 982.

You are welcome

Green regards.




Bentael Nature Reserve has organized in conjunction with Kafr Club the annual race that takes place for the second time on the Independence Day. This 6.5km-race starts from the park house of the reserve in Bentael and finishes in Kafr club. Participants of all ages ran from Bentael to Kafr on November 22, 2011

Recreational act. Leisure/Green Shell adventure Eco-Park

Best period to visit

Needed equipment

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